Hi everyone, vel’nissh or welcome to my home online. I am happy that you have been introduced to this website or stumble upon it but this is such a great opportunity for you to partake of history in the making.

This is the home of the newly created Jamaican food called Oy’nissh. Unlike jerk food, this is a food system that goes beyond mere ingredients for sauces or marinades. It is the place where an entirely new classification system for seasonal condiments, oils, etc, is developed. The approach is on the promotion of local and seasonal fruit and vegetable consumption, here in the United Kingdom, using my Jamaican cooking style. Tandem to this is the recipe and menu development relating to each of the above and a way to identify which class food falls into. All this results in new words being coined or new meaning been given to existing words, most of which are not English or Jamaican Patois.

Since I have to work with many new words and terms over the past few years, I created Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language to house them and put structure to my culinary pursuit. This led to the development of the language being written using Latin alphabets but also a newly created character system called Veeliksa. The immergence of them created many opportunities for me to develop my graphic and designing skills and the result is that some of the end products are available for sale on this website, as downloadable, but also on Redbubble as clothing, household items, etc.

I am really excited about this new venture but still, I leave plenty room for serving East and Midlothian regions with Oy’nissh food. To serve the healthiest of seasonal products, I created Oy’nissh Sundays where customers can purchase food, a week before, on the website and have it delivered the following Sunday. In this way, service users can get a fresh taste of Jamaican cuisine made especially for the international market.

I invite you to journey along with me as I continue to develop the food and language. Firstly, I aim to go through each Scottish season using some foraged fresh produce along with some from the supermarket. This I will use to make seasonal condiments to flavour other food products and bring them into the season of this locality, Scotland or the greater British region. Secondly, I plan to write short poems in Oy’Nissh and English that tell of my journeys and experiences working with seasonal fruit and vegetables. Finally, I hope to make available both food and digital downloads so you can share in my greater Jamaican world.

Remember to share with your family and friends this new world of possibilities. Encourage them to join you and let us all oynify together.

Yours sincerely,

Oy’Nissh GranDiece

Founder and Director

Oy’Nissh Ltd

Creator of Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language