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Oy’Nissh, also called Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language, is an online store that sells products featuring the language words or characters. The alphabet form of the language is called Gwaifermer while the character system is called Veeliksa. Each Veeliksa is a design and therefore suitable on various products such as clothing, accessories, and home and living. 

Want to learn about new Jamaican words constructed in Gwaifermer (Oy’Nissh Alphabet structure), then click here for available options.

Seasonal Oy’Nissh Products

Summer ’21 Collection

Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language summer collection is here. You are now able to choose from a wide range of products, from clothing to accessories that feature the constucted Jamaican language words in Oy’Nissh Gwaifermer and Veeliksa. 

You can also select from a number of brands, on this website, that have copyright licenses to use the designs. You are guaranteed authentic and primary source products because this is the home of the birth of the language and the place I update the information from daily.

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49 Steading View

Tranent, EH33 2AQ

Scotland UK.



(+44) 7956272502