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This totnissh type was first designed on Tuesday the 31st of August 2021 and originated from the basic standard. Totnissh is a floral cluster, in any size or orientation, that is made from the fishlike Veeliksa (Oy’Nissh character) called nigréryn and is used on any printable products such as clothing, stationary, accessory products, etc. This particular design is the Jamaica totnissh and the colours represent;

  • Black – the people of the island of Jamaica
  • Yellow – the radiant sunshine and warmth of the people
  • Green – the lush natural vegetation.

The outer black-yellow pattern is called the totnissh fence while the middle black-green part is called the totnissh branch network. The black, green, and yellow centre is called the totnissh foundation or totnissh brain.

Please note that this totnissh can be altered to suit different aesthetics but still retain the English translation and underlining Jamaican theme.