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My Nin means my my norm is new and is a millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha Jamaican term which is an alternative for “the new norm”. The context is that, to survive this current coronavirus pandemic and in the future, one has to create other means of earning a living. In this case, the construction of a brand new Jamaican language from Oy’nissh food that started out as a new cuisine system that has a classification system for seasonal Jamaican condiments on food. The new words and terms gave rise to the language which uses both an alphabet and character system. This is what you are seeing being used – translation of designs from English to Oy’Nissh using alphabet which is converted into linguistic designs meaning the same thing.

The totnissh is the black, gold, and green patterns from the nigréryn design which is one of the characters featured in the first publication (Terinéssha) from the constructed Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language. Nigréryn means destined and when this fishlike Veeliksa (Oy’Nissh character) forms a circular floral cluster, it is called a totnissh (

Brighten up your alone time and put off the stress of the day with this pleasant floral totnissh shower curtain. After all, it is your normal that is now new but for the better.

.: 100% Polyester
.: One-sided print
.: Hooks not included

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