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Personalized pet tags provide a fresh way to spice up a furry friend’s collar. The tag and clip are both made of metal. This increased durability comes in handy, as collar pieces can snag on brush, corners, etc. The base colour is white, giving designs an even printing surface. Both sides are flattened.

.: Print on both sides
.: Material: white coated solid metal
.: Size: 1″ round
.: Metal clip included


The fishlike design is an Oy’Nissh, or Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language, character that belongs to the Veeliksa system. It started its existence as part of the first ever published work from this constructed language in the form of a poem called Terinéssha, “A Call to Hope”. Nigréryn means destined and is currently used as the official logo for the brand food and language.

Registered UK Copyright Service (Registration Number: 284740125) for Terinéssha Season 1 Episode 1

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