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Totnissh No.3 Canvas Print Portrait Beige Template


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Totnissh is a floral cluster, in any size or orientation, that is made from the fishlike Veeliksa (Oy’Nissh character) called nigréryn and is used on any printable products such as clothing, stationary, accessory products, etc. Nigréryn is a Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language fishlike character (Veelika) that means destined in English and was used in the first ever publication, from this constructed language, called Terinessha (A Call to Hope). The original totnissh features the colours of the Jamaican flag of black, gold, and green and is the alpha of all in the collection – No.1. Number three in the collection has the colours black, burgundy, and purple with a beige background.

Totnissh No.3 has the same meaning as nigréyn and when placed on a canvas, it means destined to fulfil the positive and productive picture or photo in my mind. That is one that help me to reach my goal of self-improvement and success while helping others, through this pandemic, with my innovation, care, love, and resources to improve as well.

It is placed on a black background representing the beautiful people of Jamaica. However, though predominantly black, the mixture of races culminate to reflect the island’s motto, “Out of Many One People”. This downloadable Jamaican art template is ideal for university students in the UK who are looking for something original. That is, something not done before and in this case, a newly constructed language with one of it’s character creating a new Jamaican art collection. It is also ideal for home decoration here in Scotland but also in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In terms of gifts, it is the choice for weddings this autumn or winter but also suitable as birthday presents and gifts for friends and family members.

Get your canvas print portrait download now print it for your choice of display. You can place it where you think is most suitable as a reminder of your destiny that awaits. Alternatively, you can offer the print as a gift of destiny to your love one, etc.

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(16 x 20in or 40.64 x 50.8 cm)

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