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Vi-mozwéff, a class or subset of mozwéff, is a millennial Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language design featuring the Veeliksa (character) nigréryn that is morphed and set in a vertical plain. The original colour of the fishlike nigréryn is black, green, and gold which is the colour of the Jamaican flag. The black represents the majority black population of African descent. However, our motto is, “Out of Many One People”, which means that the flag represents us all.

However, a mozwéff art, design, or fashion pattern on products represent the colour diversity and people of all shapes and sizes on the island. The morphed image conveys that message as the shape and colours can change since the original nigréryn colours remain static.

Expression of personality has no borders! These quality shower curtains with print will add an original touch to the most intimate room of one’s house.

.: 100% Polyester
.: One-sided print
.: Hooks not included

For word pronunciation in Oy’Nissh, please visit –

For millennial Jamaican English translation and pronunciation, please visit –

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