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Qqíhr Totnissh

Qqíhr Totnissh

So far, Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language, or Oy’Nissh, has given rise to the character base writing called Veeliksa. One such character first appeared in the publication called Terinéssha ( This is a poem, or Vétémete, with the English word destined translated as nigréryn. The final design was a fishlike character which I start using in art and design since March of 2021.


One feature of this Veeliksa is that is has the colours of the Jamaican flag which are black, gold, and green – as do all Veelikaí. Eight nigréryn characters combine to form a floral cluster and give rise to the art and design collection called totnissh. Until now, all the Veelikaí were the above colours until the verb ducweeurina came about. It simply means changing the three colour patterns of the character to one. This isolation technique now give rise to the qqíhr totnissh or mono totnissh. Qqíhr is pronounced as in the English “choir”. My first pattern from this new works is the merlot totnissh. I only come to learn about the colour today, August 17/08/21. I really like this and soon discovered that it works well on a black background. So I hope you continue to journey with me as the language develops. It is still early days but what is exciting about this is that there are new discoveries each day. Awesome!

Le-totnissh Origins

Le-totnissh Origins

So, as you are aware by now that I am in the habit of dating and writing things down in the online Oy’Nissh dictionaries. This dictionary will come in handy in the future when people start to enquire as to the source of the words and definitions I am working with. Please note that it is likely that some of the words are used in other languages with different meanings.
However, when I googled some of them, I received no result than the definitions I stated in the online archives.

I only started using this word about 30 minutes ago because I finished designing this yesterday (02/06/21) but only came up with a new word for it today. Since it is from the original totnissh, I decided on making it a part of this class of designs. So, now you start to see how Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language evolve in ‘real’ millennial time in the midst of coronavirus pandemic.

There is no English definition for this word so I had to create a millennial Jamaican English word by removing the dash to form letotnissh. There is an English to Oy’Nissh translation of the online dictionary. In it, you will find some of normal English words along with millennial Jamaican ones that originated directly from Oy’nissh (n) food. I can only give God thanks for picking this brain of mine.

Oy’Nissh to English Dictionary

English to Oy’Nissh Dictionary