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Tranent Blásshii’ (Black) Canvas Portrait Print Template


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Oy’Nissh, also called Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language, is an online store that sells products featuring the language words or characters. The alphabet form of the language is called Gwaifermer while the character system is called Veeliksa. Each Veeliksa is a design and therefore suitable on various products such as clothing, accessories, and home and living. 

Want to learn about new Jamaican words constructed in Gwaifermer (Oy’Nissh Alphabet structure), then click here for available options.

Seasonal Oy’Nissh Products

Totnissh Digital Downloads


These are canvas print portrait products for students of all ages, home decoration, and weddings. To be printed and offered as gifts this autumn.

Summer Totnissh  Art Collection

Welcome to a new dawn in Jamaican history. For the first time ever, a constructed language has been created that uses a character base system called Veeliksa. It can be used as a design on any printable medium. It is trademarked and copyrighted, exclusively, for the development of Oy’Nissh food and language.

The first official art and design collection is the Totnissh design, which includes the Le-totnissh class or subset. The design on the homepage is from the Veeliksa called nigréryn which means “destined”. It was first used in the first offical written work call Terinéssha, a peom available in English, Oy’Nissh (Gwaifermer), and Oy’Nissh (Veeliksa). The pair of leggings is therefore a ‘destined leggings’ and convey the idea of destined to be fit, healthy, or both.

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